The Kyrie Irving Trade Drama: It’s (Lebr)ON!

First write-up for and what better to talk about than the upcoming divorce between Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. What a drama already!

While Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to find the most profitable trade for the future of their franchise, “Uncle Drew” and Lerbon James seem to stray further from each other day by day. Whose fault is that though? Before we fiercely start picking sides, lets take a look at the facts. Sometimes the truth might lie somewhere in the middle!

Kyrie ready to move on

The decision of Kyrie to ask for a trade a few days ago was the outburst of a silent, but ongoing, crisis inside the Cavs franchise. The first estimations around this quite unexpected  and shocking decision of Irving are pointing toward Lebron. Many believe that Kyrie started getting tired of living under the shadow of “The King”. He wanted to put himself as a priority and go after the possibility of making himself the leading persona of another NBA franchise.

This thought may sound logical but it actually isn’t! Kyrie already is a star in Cleveland and a player that has tremendous influence on Cavs game. Yes, Lebron may still be the goat of this team- and he will be as long as he steps his foot on the court – but this doesn’t mean that Irving isn’t a freaking super-star.

Chauncey Billups explains it really nicely on the Vic Lombardi’s show: “You got a chance to win every single year. And not only that! You are getting the balls that you want. You are getting everything you want. You are playing for a great coach, he’s letting you go to work. The game is on the line, they’re coming to you. To me I don’t get it. Probably he has his own desires”.

The million dollar question is what those desires are. Probably a safer team future. The situation in Cleveland right now isn’t ideal. The new General Manager (Koby Altman is expected to take the position) is still on his way and Lebron James is getting ready to look for a new challenge next summer. That being said, it makes sense if “Uncle Drew” that the best choice for him is to move on. Perhaps he would also expect that Lebron would try a bit harder to keep him in Cleveland and offer assurances to him on their bright common future in Ohio.

Lebron on the go

Despite the initial expectations of the public, Lebron James never tried to change Kyrie’s mind. To the contrary, he felt betrayed by Irving’s decision to ask for a trade. As anticipated, the “disappearance” of Lebron all these days made things even worse.

The situation seemed to get completely out of hand on Monday, when Stephen A. Smith (ESPN journalist) claimed on radio that, according to Kyrie, Lebron James had a very active role in releasing to the press information regarding Irving’s trade request. Lebron James answered to these claims through his twitter account where he denied everything. Nonetheless, ESPN appears to stand by its reporter, Stephen A. Smith, stating that it has full trust on his sources.

lebron james - kyrie irving - trade

If Kyries’ claims are true then it becomes clear that the “divorce” between the two teammates is going on for a while now and that Lebron wasn’t eventually that surprised by the news.

Even if we accept that the King was actually telling the truth and that he had no idea for Irving’s decision, he still has played a great role in pushing Kyrie Irving to the exit. This seems to be his last year in Cleveland and so far he has done no further moves to prove this wrong. In that sense, it’s normal for an ambitious league star like Irving to feel extremely insecure with his future in Ohio. Without Lebron, he might end up fighting to preserve the reputation of a future-less franchise.

Dan Gilbert: The man behind the storm

Dan Gilbert - Irving trade
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And now we finally get to the person that should actually be kept accountable for all this mess. The chairman of the Cleveland Cavaliers has undoubtedly done a bunch of mistakes during this season. First and foremost, Cavs don’t have a General Manager yet. Koby Altman will most probably be the new manager but the fact that nothing is official yet, in the middle of the NBA trade season makes things really bad.

On top of that, we shouldn’t ignore that David Griffin’s departure has created many deep wounds to the franchise. Lebron had great respect for Griffin and he feels that Dan Gilbert is the one who made him feel unwanted in Ohio. Out of a sudden, Cleveland started the off-season with a ground-breaking loss that minimized their chances to achieve something good in terms of trade deals (it’s not long ago since Paul George ended up to OKC and Jimmy Butler to Minnesota).

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget that after Lebron’s departure for Miami in 2010 Cavs suddenly lost their way to success until James decided to return home. Kyrie Irving obviously was afraid that he would be part of the Cavaliers misery train and that he would get stuck in a team with very limited capabilities. And who is to blame for that? To great extent, I would say Dan Gilbert, the man who failed to offer a long-term vision both to Lebron and Kyrie. The man behind the storm.

Derrick Rose is in the house!

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Rose is officially a Cavs player for the next year. He will most probably be the partner of Lebron in crime for next season. The comparison with Irving will be harsh and not so fair in my opinion. But we should not underestimate the hunger of Derrick Rose for a championship. The fact that he signed a minimum veterans contract of $2.1 million proves that.

The signing of Rose may offer to Cavs some breathing space but it also is a huge bet. In every little slippage, there is a danger that the fans will remember Irving. This can make things for Cleveland much worse in the long run for the world championship. On the other hand, Derrick is a great and very experienced player and if he manages to remain healthy and with his feet on the ground, he has to offer a lot. Especially when he plays side by side with Lebron!

Less drama more game!

Adam Silver mentioned on Tuesday (25/7) that NBA doesn’t need the drama that Kyrie’s decision brings on the table. We couldn’t agree more with him! Dramatic trade stories have always to offer something exciting but there is a limit. Having players like Lebron and Kyrie going back and forth in social media regarding who behaved worse to whom isn’t flattering for neither of them. The sooner Kyrie finds his new promise land (Minnesota, Knicks, San Antonio?) the better for everyone.

Just for giggles, though, lets not completely erase the possibility of him eventually staying to Cleveland. NBA after all is where amazing happens…

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