Top 10 Vince Carter dunks as chosen by Vinsanity himself!

What’s better than seeing Vince Carter dunking? But of course seeing Carter picking his favorite dunks all by himself!

It is no secret that Vince Carter is a tireless dunker with 20 years of career in the NBA. In his basketball journey, he has provided basketball fans with many spectacular highlights. To the contrary, he has offered some really unforgettable nightmares to his personal opponents.

Some months ago, NBA’s official Youtube account celebrated Vinsanity’s 41st birthday by publishing a breathtaking video of the 10 most impressive Vince Carter dunks.

What’s so special about this video is that we see Vince Carter choosing his favorite career dunks himself. The way in which he remembers and describes every single one of them is truly unique and touching.

The descriptions have been kept short for the sake of the video but somehow he still manages to take us with him in the Vince Carter dunks dimension!

Vince Carter dunks

There is no question that it’s an astonishing display of athleticism and basketball cunningness that brought us back in the time when the name of Toronto Raptors started gaining some serious attention for the first.

Especially the first 360 dunk of his career against the Cavaliers which was ranked by Vince Carter on the fourth place as well as his dunks on Dikembe Mutombo (number 6) and Alonzo Mourning (Number 1) are surely some emphatic proofs of his unique talent when it comes to finishing a play above the rim.

Without further ado, these are the Top 10 Vince Carter dunks as ranked by Vinsanity himself:

Vince Carter dunks: A little bonus

If you didn’t get enough Vince Carter by now, here is a small extra gift that shows what a great basketball player and performer Vince has been through his entire career.

Long story short, here are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant talking about Vince Carter and his impossible dunking skills:

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