15 “Must Watch” NBA Games Next Season

The NBA officials have just released the full 2017-18 schedule and a very exciting season is coming our way. The opening of the season is planned for the 17th of October and we literally can’t wait for it! That’s why, we made our research and we present to you the 15 most eye-catching games of the upcoming season. Grab your calendar and make sure to write down the dates!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 15 must watch games of the next NBA season:

  1.  New York Knicks – Houston Rockets (November 1st)
Houston Rockets
Photo: Carmelo Anthony Now Wants To Become A Houston Rocket REPORTEDLY, Knicks Now Wont Buy Him Out Though Via ItsMrTaliaferno

The first game in our list comes with a strong “if”. The name of this hypothetical condition is, of course, Carmelo Anthony. If Carmelo eventually joins the Rockets, then his first visit as an opponent in Madison Square Garden will be more than interesting!

  1. Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers (October 20th)
Jayson Tatum - Markelle Fultz
Photo: Csnne.com

This game could be seen as the conflict between two of the three best rookies in the NBA for 2017-18. Jayson Tatum against Markelle Fultz and we can surely expect a hell of a game with a lot of tension.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers – Los Angeles Lakers (November 15th)
Fultz - Ball
Photo: Complex.com

Fultz against Lonzo Ball and the temperature rises even more. The top 2 picks of this summer’s draft are playing against each other on a quite special game. But that’s not all! Joel Embiid had asked from Ben Simmons to dank on Lonzo’s face. Let’s see if he will make it happen…

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  1. Atlanta Hawks – Denver Nuggets (October 27th)
Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap is returning home pretty early in the season. The game of Hawks against the Nuggets will undoubtedly be a night to remember both for Millsap and the Atlanta Hawks.

  1. Golden State Warriors – Los Angeles Lakers (December 14th)
Lonzo Ball - Steph Curry
Photo: Pac-12.com

LaVar Ball has added a special interest in this game after his constant statements that his son, Lonzo Ball, is a better player than Steph Curry. Hold tight and see if Lonzo will manage to prove his father right. We respectfully doubt!

  1. Boston Celtics – Washington Wizards (December 25th)
thomas - wall
Photo: CelticsBlog.com

A great game between two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. This match could be a rehearsal of the 2018 Eastern playoff semifinals and we are looking forward to watch it before our eyes!

  1. Sacramento Kings – New Orleans Pelicans (October 26th)
DeMarcus Cousins
Photo: Hoopshabit.com

Demarcus Cousins is going back to Sacramento for the first time. It won’t be the first time that he will play against the Kings but it will be his first game in California wearing the Pelicans jersey. It will be interesting to see how the fans of Sacramento will treat him in his return.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Boston Celtics (October 17th)
Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics
Photo: Trifectanetworksports.com

It’s the biggest game of NBA’s first day. Boston Celtics with new look and some great additions are getting ready to throw Cleveland off the Eastern Conference throne. A “must watch” game for sure!

  1. Chicago Bulls – Minnesota Timberwolves (February 9th)
jimmy butler - timberwolves
Photo: Chicago Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler to Timberwolves WITHOUT Telling Him Via The Fumble

This is the season of the big returns. One more emotional return that we will experience is that of Jimmy Butler to Chicago. Minnesota Timberwolves have very high hopes for this season and Butler is one of the main reasons why. A win against his big NBA love might be a strong statement for the Jimmy’s future!

  1. Utah Jazz – Boston Celtics (March 28th)
Gordon Hayward - Celtics
Photo: Baaz.com

Gordon Hayward is expected to have a very tough night in Utah. The Jazz fans aren’t happy with his decision to join the Celtics and they already show it in social media. This game will probably resemble a lot to Durant’s return in Oklahoma last year.

  1. Golden State Warriors – Houston Rockets (October 17th)
Warriors - Rockets
Photo: Bleacherreport.com

This could easily be the final duo for the Western Conference next summer. The NBA champions are competing against the ambitious Rockets which have become much stronger after signing Chris Paul. Will Carmelo Anthony also join the company?

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder – Golden State Warriors (November 22nd)
Durant - Westbrook
Photo: SportingNews.com

Murderers always return to the scene of the crime and in that sense Kevin Durant is anticipated to offer one more great performance before the eyes of the Oklahoma audience. His old friend Russell Westbrook is waiting for him and this time Paul George is there to help, too.

  1. Indiana Pacers – Oklahoma City Thunder (December 13th)
Paul George - Russell Westbrook
Photo: Inquisitr.com

Speaking of Paul George, he will have a pretty emotional night within the season, too. His return in Indiana is one of the biggest events of the 2017-18 NBA season. There is high uncertainty around the way in which the Pacers fans will welcome him home. All we have to do is wait and see!

  1. Los Angeles Clippers – Houston Rockets (January 15th)
Chris Paul - Houston Rockets

Chris Paul against the Los Angeles Clippers. Nothing more to say here! One of the greatest reunions in the next season. The Staples Center is already shaking…

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Golden State Warriors (December 25th)  
Cleveland Cavaliers - Golden State Warriors
Photo: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Highlights | Dec 25, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season Via NBA Conference

Last but definitely not least, Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. A remake of the last years finals. No more comments required!

This is it for now my friends! A great season is approaching and we can’t wait for the first great battles that will show whether new basketball powers are starting to emerge or Warriors and Cavaliers will be the absolute masters of the league for one more year!

P.S. The “must watch” games may increase depending on the final decision of Kyrie Irving. Spurs and Celtics are speculated to go after Irving at the moment but nothing is clear for the time being.

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