Michael Jordan stats: 10 proofs he is the G.O.A.T.

After a long break, DunkStories is back in action! At this week’s post, we take a closer look at some of the most impressive stats of Michael Jordan’s career. It goes without saying that during his basketball journey Mike has achieved more than most of us could even imagine.

Nevertheless, some of his stats are more than impressive even for his standards! A strong proof that he is the greatest basketball player of all time!

Without further ado, here are ten of the most breathtaking Michael Jordan stats:

10. Only player to score more than 10 points in 866 consecutive NBA games

Michael Jordan managed to score at least 10 points in his last 840 games with the jersey of Chicago Bulls. On top of that, he managed to expand his streak when he returned to the NBA for Wizards.

In Washington, his Airness averaged 20 points per game, 3.8 assists and 6.1 rebounds.

9. Mike scored at least 50 points in 30 games over a span of 13 years

In the course of 13 years, and more specifically from 1984-85 to 1997-98, Michael Jordan managed to score 50 points in 30 different games.

In order to understand how unique this achievement is, we have to take into account that the next one in the list was Dominique Wilkins who managed to score 50 points in seven games over the same period of time.

Michael Jordan stats Dominique Wilkins
Source: Foxdeportes.com

Lastly, we should not forget that during those years Michael took a break from basketball for a year and a half to try his luck in baseball.

8. Jordan scored 24.23% of Bulls points from 1984 to 1995

In a period of 13 years, including the baseball interval to which we referred above, Mike managed to score 29,277 points while playing for the Bulls.

If you are wondering how many points Chicago Bulls scored in total during this time-span, the answer is 120,818. Not bad if we also take into account that he didn’t play in 64 games due to his 1985-86 foot injury.

7. Most 50+ point games in Bulls history

The next statistic should come as no surprise given the quality of his Airness but still it is very impressive. Michael Jordan scored more than 50 points in 30 games during his time in Chicago.

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There are only three other Bulls players who have 50+ point games in their career but just one time each. These players are Chet Walker, Jamal Crawford and Jimmy Butler!

6. Seven 40+ games during his rookie season

For the sixth position of the most incredible Michael Jordan stats, we go back to the beginning of Mike’s career in Chicago.

Michael Jordan stats rookie season
Source: Basketusa.com

More analytically, in his rookie season in the magic NBA world Jordan managed to score more than 40 points in seven games.

5. Only player to be named ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ while averaging 35 points per game

Many of the basketball fans around the world consider Michael Jordan only as a scoring machine. But that’s not accurate at all. In 1987-88, Jordan won the ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ award.

This still remains as one of the most historical NBA milestones because he is the only player who has won this award while averaging 35 points per game!

4. Jordan vs Nets’ starting lineup: 58-54

Back in 1987, one of the most astonishing Michael Jordan stats was created. On February 26, Mike managed to outscore the starting five of the New Jersey Nets by four points. He dropped 58 points while his opponents stopped at 54.

What makes this performance even more memorable is the fact that he scored 58 points with no 3-point shots.

3. Franchise point record in Bulls at the age of 26

Before Michael Jordan turns 27, he had already put his name on the Everest of the Bulls history. At the age of 26 years and 343 days, he overcame Bob Love’s point record (12,623) in a Bulls jersey.

Without a doubt, January 26th 1990 is a day to remember for every Chicago Bulls supporter.

2. Top scorer in postseason NBA history

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This cliche phrase seems to match perfectly to Michael Jordan’s case. He is the record-holder of the most points per game (on average) in NBA postseason: 33.4 PPG in 179 playoff appearances which is an unbreakable NBA record!

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And that’s not all as he averaged 20+ points in his last 47 successive postseason appearances.

1. Only player to lead his team in four categories as a rookie

Michael Jordan didn’t have to wait long before he took Chicago Bulls by the hand and led them to an era full of incredible achievements. In the first place of the most noteworthy Michael Jordan stats is his performance during his rookie NBA season.

Mike is the only NBA player who has managed to lead his team in four different categories (points, assists, rebounds and steals) in his rookie season.

He averaged 28.2 points, 5.9 assists, 6.5 rebounds, and 2.4 steals per game. Furthermore, there was no game where he scored less than 13 points. In total, he stayed under 20 points only in nine games that season (1984-85).

Only three more players have achieved to average at least 20 points, 5 assists and 5 points per game in their rookie season: Lebron James, Oscar Robertson and Tyreke Evans. However, none of them had as many steals as Michael had.

Michael Jordan stats: A little bonus

Below, you can find two more eye-catching stats from Michael Jordan’s career:

i) Michael averaged 37.1 points per game in the season 1986-87. Only Wilt Chamberlain had managed to perform better in 1962-63 when he averaged 44.8 points per game. Since then, nobody has managed to overcome Mike’s performance. Kobe Bryant was the only one who got close when he averaged 35.4 points per game in 2005-06.

Michael Jordan stats MVP
Source: Thehoopdoctors.com

ii) Last but not least, Michael Jordan has won five MVP awards and belongs to a very special club together with Bill Russell (5 MVP awards) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6 MVP awards).

All in all, it doesn’t take much to realize that in the case of Michael Jordan the numbers really talk for themselves. A player who changed the way basketball was played and who provided the fans with some unprecedented performances.

What do you think is the most impressive Michael Jordan stat?

Featured image: Csq.com

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