Basketball courts: Top 15 places to hoop

Either we are talking about professional or street basketball, there is always one element that is the same and which is of fundamental importance to the whole experience. That is, of course, the quality of the basketball court.

In the course of the last decades, basketball enthusiasts from around the world seem to get more and more excited with the idea of getting basketball again back to the streets where it belongs.

As a result, some magnificent basketball courts have been built all around the world in order to accommodate this need for a different approach to the sport. In some cases, it is no exaggeration to consider these courts as impressive pieces of art.

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DunkStories did some close research and present below 15 of the most beautiful basketball courts in the world. Take a look at the list and let us know in the comments if there are any other courts that should have been included:

15. Angel’s Gate Park – California

Located in California (San Pedro), Angel’s Gate Park is truly a basketball court you should know about. People who choose to hoop there have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport just by the Pacific Ocean. The panoramic view of Santa Catalina Island is certainly something to remember.

Basketball court - Angel's Gate Park

14. The Cage – Manhattan

In the heart of Greenwich Village, a remarkable neighbourhood of Manhattan,  there is a basketball gem which is the dream of every basketball enthusiast who fell in love with this game while hooping in the street. Named after the metal fencing around the court, ‘The Cage’ attracts the interest of numerous basketball fans on a continuous basis.

On the video below, you can take a good taste of what it feels like playing some ball in The Cage!

13. Spanoulis court – Belgrade

Our next basketball court choice comes from Europe and more specifically from Belgrade. This uniques court was built in the Serbian capital by some very dedicated fans of the Greek basketball star, Vassilis Spanoulis.

Given the unique tradition of Serbian basketball, it goes without saying that hooping in this place must be a very special experience!

Spanoulis court - basketball court
Source: Spanoulis Court – Facebook

12. The pink court – Mexico

Next on our list, the pink court in Mexico! A basketball court with lots of character and of course color. The pink backboards add a different atmosphere to the whole setting and invites you to a more sassy game of basketball.

basketball court - pink
Source: Viral Hoops

11. David Crombie Park – Toronto

David Crombie Park got his name after the 1972-78 Mayor of Toronto who played a substantial role in the development of the St. Lawrence area where the basketball court is located.

The court was built in 2010 with the financial support of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment which also renovated the place four years later after its significant damage due to an extensive problem with drug abuse in the neighborhood.

basketball court - David Crombie park

10. The Regal and Jordan court – London

Nike have done a great effort in London in order to redesign a very impressive basketball court in Vauxhall. The goal behind this initiative is the attraction of professional athletes who could boost the interest for basketball in the area and provide schools and community clubs with the opportunity to practice the sport they love.

basketball court - the Regal

9. Nike basketball court – London

Again in London and again built by Nike, the open air basketball court on Thames is undoubtedly a very special place to hoop. This was another bold initiative by the famous sportswear company in order to bring basketball on the frontpage of the British sports community.

basketball court - Thames
Source: Viral Hoops

8. Dubrovnik Old Town basketball court

Travelling back to the Balkan area, the Old Town court in Dubrovnik, Croatia is a place that every true basketball fan has to visit. The fact that is located to a historic corner of the city makes the entire experience more mystical.

basketball court - Dubrovnik

7. Floating basketball court – Cambodia

Who said that Cambodia doesn’t care for basketball? The famous Floating basketball court at Lake Tonle Sap proves that you can hoop everywhere as long at there is passion and dedication.

What makes this court even more breathtaking is the fact that its location slightly changes through the year based on the season (rainy or dry).

floating basketball court

6. The Carrier Classic court – US Navy

How would you feel if you would get the opportunity to play basketball on a US Naval ship? Well, there are people who know the answer to this question and we couldn’t be more jealous. The court was used in 2011(after Osama Bin Laden’s death) on a spectacular event where even Barack Obama was present.

US navy basketball court

5. The 3D basketball court – Munich

This is the perfect choice for hoopers who are interested into a more futuristic approach to the game. Forget all you know about dribbling around and running fast. Here is all about navigating smartly up and down the basketball hill. Ladies and gentlemen, the 3D basketball court of Munich:

3D basketball court - Munich

4. The Tron Basketball court – Germany

We stay in Germany to another futuristic basketball court. The Tron basketball court is considered by many as a game-changer. The initial purpose of this court’s floor was its use in squash games. Nevertheless, it managed to become part of the basketball reality, as well.

Its strong point? The versatility that it offers in terms of the ways in which it can be used thanks to flexible lane markings and lines. And also the fact it looks cool!

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo court – Athens

Giannis Antetokounmpo is now regarded as one of the most influential sports figures in the world. That being said, it comes as no surprise that there is a basketball court dedicated to him back to his hometown in Sepolia, Athens.

The court is open for use to anyone and it is extremely impressive due to the magnificent graffiti on the floor which depicts Giannis performing a powerful dunk.

basketball courts - antetokounmpo

2. Pigalle court – Paris

France and especially Paris equates to spectacular design and elegance. Basketball is no exception to that when you are there. The Pigalle court which is located in the City of Lights is a very representative example to that direction.

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It is the outcome of fruitful collaboration between III-Studios and Pigalle. Nike was also part of this project. The spectacular colors on the court are originated from Sportsmen, an oil painting created by Kasimir Malevic in the 1930’s.

Pigalle basketball court

1. Rucker Park – New York

The number one basketball court of our list could be, of course, located nowhere else than the Big Apple. It is believed to be the most famous court around the globe and it’s a very popular place for emerging basketball players who want to show their talent and test abilities against strong competition.

The reputation of this court is so big that NBA stars, such as Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, have made their appearance there. Without further ado, a video of the best place to hoop in the world:

Final dunk

Agree or disagree with our listing, these are fifteen of the most noteworthy basketball courts around the entire world. Let us know in the comments if you have visited any of them and whether you know some other courts which we should have included!

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