Derrick Rose’s 50-point game: A superhero is back!

It’s been around a week since the remarkable career night of Derrick Rose against the Utah Jazz. Rose’s 50-point game took the entire basketball planet by storm. As his extraordinary performance in court wasn’t enough, NBA fans witnessed Rose in an extremely emotional state as soon as the game was over.

Considering all the things that Derrick Rose have been through in his career, this 50-point game against the Jazz was a huge victory for basketball per se. And that’s the most important element that stays after a night like that.

This is no exaggeration if we take into consideration the way that both his teammates and opponents reacted after the end of the game. That’s one more proof that what Derrick Rose achieved on November 1st doesn’t come as easy as many might think.

And apparently that was only the beginning if we take into account his spectacular performance (31 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds) against the Lakers just a few nights ago.

The Timberwolves didn’t manage to create one more wound in LA’s ego but the new three point record of the franchise is something that will be remembered. With 7/9 three point shots, Derrick Rose played his own role in this eye-catching achievement.

Lebron for Derrick Rose: ‘He proved he’s still a superhero’

Derrick Rose 50-point game

When the King calls you a superhero then you know you do something right. As soon as Rose’s 50-point game was completed, Lebron James was one of the first people to praise him for this sensational performance.

“You can look at that performance by Derrick Rose. That’s why our game is so unbelievable! Even when a superhero’s knocked down he’s still a superhero and Derrick Rose showed why he’s still a superhero.”, said Lebron James.

What makes this game even more special, not only for Rose but probably for NBA’s modern history, is the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be a starter in the game. However, with Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague out Derrick Rose had a valuable opportunity to get out there and take the team on his shoulders.

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Same goes for the game against the Lakers. Derrick Rose stepped on the court ready to take full responsibility and lead Minnesota to victory. He could have achieved it if he had that call in the end of the game.

But that’s not important. What matters is that Rose seems to be able to maintain his performance standards this year and put his name in the shop window again. He also showed that the role of the mentor fits him well.

That’s also what he admitted on camera after his 50-point game. Rose is one of the most experienced players in Tom Thibodeau’s team and he seems to be surprisingly comfortable with the responsibilities that come with it.

Some might say that this might be a liberating moment for him in terms of basketball and it proves that motivation and basketball respect might be what he was after all along.

Could Derrick Rose be the anti-Butler for the Timberwolves?

Derrick Rose 50-point game

If we have to be brutally honest, I don’t believe that this is possible. Jimmy Butler is in probably the best shape of his career and ready to take the next step pursuing his first NBA championship.

On the other side, Derrick Rose seems to come back but it would be too naive to believe that he can overcome completely his horrifying injury past and reach at the standards that made him MVP in the NBA the season 2010-11.

However, I have to say that it looks like a small yet admirable win for Rose that his name is back in the same sentence with that of Jimmy Butler when we are talking about the position of the leader in the Timberwolves (or any other NBA franchise).

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At the end of the day, everything is at his hands. If Rose manages to prove that his 50-point game wasn’t a one-night thing but an exclamation mark on the belief that he is back on the game, then sky is the limit.

After all how many players can do the things that Derrick Rose has done in his career? Rookie of the year at the age of 22 and the youngest MVP in the history of the league! You can’t ignore a basketball CV like that for sure!

Will another 50-point game come soon for Rose?

That’s hard to say but it would be no surprise anymore. Ask the Lakers that just a few nights ago saw him dropping 31 points. Of course we should not forget that as Rose starts performing strong again, the opponents will start adjusting their defence to him and make his life in court harder and harder.

But it won’t be the first time this happens! Derrick Rose has a big battle ahead and that’s only with himself. On the one side of the ring it’s his experience and his fiery desire to get on top of his game and on the other side is his personal demons either we are talking about his past injuries or his mind.

Sweet home Minnesota!

The good news is that Rose has a strong ally by his side and that’s the Timberwolves franchise. Despite the adventurous preseason in Minnesota due to the drama with Butler, it appears it’s the right environment for Rose.

A team which combines experience and young talent in an environment that looks familiar if we take into consideration the presence of Thibodeau and his former teammates from Chicago. Most important, Minnesota is a basketball environment of low pressure (let’s be honest there are no high expectations for this season) at the moment which can give him the freedom to focus on his game.

Derrick Rose 50-point game

It is no coincidence that until now this is the most productive season of Derrick Rose in terms of scoring since 2011-12. He is at the right place the right time. All left now is to prove that he can consistently remain on the top.

And who knows? Maybe we will have to write about another 50-point game by Rose soon!

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